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  1. Planiflex – Mattress Industry, is the proprietor of this website and unless otherwise specified, of every content, which are protected by national and international intelectual property norms.
  2. By accessing and using this website, the user accepts the terms and regulations that dictate its operation, which are defined next.
  3. The fact that any of the foreseen terms and conditions may be considered illegal, invalid or null, does not alter the validity or modification of the others.

Product availability

Every product order is subject to the availability of said product and in this regard, in case of unavailability or supplying issue, Planiflex – Mattress Industry, reserves itself the right to inform the user about alternative product orders of equal or superior quality and value. In the case that the user has no interest in alternative products, the amounts payed bin him will be fully reimbursed.

Delivery refusal

Planiflex – Mattress Industry, reserves itself the right to, at any moment, remove any products from our website, or alter or remove any content present on the website. Regardless of Planiflex – Mattress Industry’s effort to process every order, there can be exceptional situations that lead the refusal of processing an order, even after sending a delivery reception confirmation which Planiflex – Mattress Industry has the right to send at any moment, under it’s own criteria.

Planiflex – Mattress Industry, will not be held responsible by the user, or any third-party, for the removal of any product, or for the modification or elimination of any of it’s website material or content, as well as for the refusal in concluding processing any order to which it was sent a Delivery Reception Confirmation.

Right of free withdrawal by the user and return of orders

The user that contracts as a consumer may freely resolve the Contract within 14 days, starting from the reception date (Artigo 6º do Decreto de Lei Nº 143/2001 de 26 de Abril). In this case, the user shall be fully reimbursed the amount he paid, in accordance with the Return Conditions.

The right to resolution of the contract may only take place in the case where the products are returned in the same condition they were delivered to the user. The latter should return the product along with all instruction manuals, documents and packaging materials. All damaged products, not in the same conditions as when delivered, or showing signs of usage beyond the mere opening of the package will not be reimbursed. Therefore, the user should take the necessary precautions with the product(s) meant to return while in his care.

Conditions apply online to online or phone purchases (remote sales).


Under the condition of availability, Planiflex – Mattress Industry will do its utmost to, safe exceptional circumstances, deliver products contained in a Shipment Confirmation to the user in the appointed date or, in case there was no date setting, within 30 days starting from the Delivery Reception Confirmation day.

Possible reasons for delay include:

  • Product Customisation
  • Specialised Products
  • Unpredictable Circumstances
  • Delivery Area

If by any reason, Planiflex – Mattress Industry is unable to deliver in the set date, the user will be informed and given the option of either maintaining the delivery order upon delay, or cancel the delivery and be fully reimbursed.

The acceptance of this delivery service implies validation of access to your home by our delivery personel or a company representative, so you should make necessary arrangements to avoid damages. Planiflex – Mattress Industry, save negligence cases, will not be held responsible for damages to objects if obvious measures were not taken by the client in order to prevent or reduce that said damage.

The user should make certain that the ordered products fit the allocated space in his home, or the delivery destination. If the products are unable to fit the indicated destiny by the user, the latter may accept the delivery or return it by assuming shipping expenses (see Returning Conditions ahead).

These terms assume that a delivery is considered finalised, or a product is considered delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

Conflict Resolution

In case of litigation the consumer may appeal to a Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers Entity.

For complaints and suggestions – geral@planiflex.pt

For more information check Portal do Consumidor (www.consumidor.pt)

In case of litigation the consumer may appeal to a Dispute Resolution for Consumers Entity:

  • Centro de arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa
    Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2º
    1100-207 Lisboa
  • Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto
    Rua Damião de Góis, 31 – Loja 6
    4050-225 Porto

Impossibility of Delivery

If Planiflex – Mattress Industry is unable to proceed with the delivery, the order will be redirected to our warehouses. The customer shall be contacted to reschedule a new delivery.

Risks and Ownership

From the moment of delivery, the risks related to the supplied product are the responsibility of the customer. The property of supplied products shall only be transmitted to the user once Planiflex – Mattress Industry has received the full payment for the delivery of the product, including shipping expenses, or after the delivery, depending what happens last. For more information you may consult the following law decrees:

  • Dec-Lei nº 143/2001, de 26.04;
  • Dec. Rect nº 13-C/2001, de 31.05;
  • Dec-Lei nº 57/2008, de 26.03;
  • Dec-Lei nº 82/2008, de 20.05

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The contents of this website may only be used for personal information, whereby may be visualised, copied, printed and / or distributed any documents published by Planiflex – Industry Mattress, as long as Planiflex – Mattress Industry is expressly referenced and every copyrighted messages and mentions are maintained.
  2. The usage of contents for comercial use is excluded, whereby no content from this website may be modified, transmitted, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred ou sold without previous written consent of Planiflex – Mattress Industry.

Limitation of Liability

  1. The information made available by Planiflex – Mattress Industry in this website does not dismiss consultation of the official broadcasting medias, whereby Planiflex – Mattress Industry does not guarantee the accuracy, precision, actuality and integrity of the information available in the website, not being under any circumstance, responsible for losses or damages, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use or impossibility to use this website or its contents.

Personal Data Protection

  1. Planiflex – Mattress Industry’s website has features that require a registered user access.
  2. All collected personal data is voluntarily and objectively submitted by its users, being exclusively used by Planiflex – Mattress Industry, guaranteeing it’s respective privacy and protection.
  3. Planiflex – Mattress Industry will adopt the necessary security measures it sees fit in order to guarantee the privacy and protection of its users data, with the objective of protecting them from any mishandling ou unauthorised access.
  4. Collected personal data in this website will not be, under any circumstance, be made available, sold, shared or revealed to third parties, or used for any other end other than those mentioned at moment of its introduction, except for newsletters or e-marketing campaign if expressly accepted by the user. In any moment if the user wishes to stop receiving information they should inform Planiflex – Mattress Industry of the matter.
  5. All users have the right to suspend the subscribed services through this website, which will result in the elimination of the associated registry.
  6. The elimination of registry must be performed in the correspondent website area.
  7. Under the terms of the personal data protection law enforced in Portugal, all registered users have the right to access the available information in Planiflex – Mattress Industry about their personal data, in order to update, rectify and / or eliminate their personal data. This task must be performed in the registry area of the website.
  8. The only information that is automatically collected and stored during the normal use of the website is the server’s typical activity information, which is used to generate statistics and measure the website’s activity for the benefit of its users.
  9. With the purpose of providing a more personalised experience, Planiflex – Mattress Industry also uses “cookies” to collect and store information. A “cookie” is a small file located on the computer that allows the website to remember previous choices, dates and navigation within the website. The user can configure its computer to reject cookie installation.

Information Updating

Planiflex – Mattress Industry reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of its Privacy Policy at any moment without previous notice, whereby it’s recommended to regularly read the Privacy Policy established by Planiflex – Mattress Industry.

General Terms

  1. This website is under Portuguese law.
  2. Theses Privacy Policy terms and conditions were altered in February 1st, 2017.


In case of doubt or of need of complementary information, please contact us through phone: (+351) 234 252 292; fax: (+351) 234 525 296; or email: geral@planiflex.pt.