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The Planiflex history begins in the 80’s: Manuel Pereira, father of Fátima Pereira, is Açoflex’s manager, the second oldest mattress factory in Portugal. This was where his daughter learns the trade.

In 2001, Fátima Pereira decides to leave her father’s shadow and creates her own business with the help of her husband, João Valente.


On November 21st of 2001 Planiflex is legally born. During the following months the expected preparations for a new company are put underway: negotiate with suppliers, acquire equipment, prepare the first models, etc…


With the end of these preparations on August 5th of 2002, a new activity begins in the factory: Fátima Pereira is no longer solely responsible for the entire production area, she’s also working as a saleswoman, going door to door. She says:

“I’ve gotten a lot of no’s, but I’ve never given up, I never thought about quitting. It was a big challenge for me, to start my own business.”

For that reason, her husband João Valente – dividing his time between the company and public administration at the time – joins her and gradually assumes the sales department.

Initially projected in Murtosa, the factory is installed in the Albergaria zone, in a 450m2 space – the headquarters, however, remained in Murtosa for the time being. The location of the factory is revolutionary on its own, since most mattress factories are traditionally located in the Oliveira de Azeméis and S. João da Madeira zones.


Because of the acquirement of contacts in the business, in 2003 the first export contracts are signed, namely to Spain and France.

Between 2003 and 2007 the company goes through hard times, but still, thanks to an unbreakable spirit, the company manages to offer a superior quality product at a competitive price. This brings about a new growth that results in changes throughout the entire organisation.

In the 5th of May of 2007, Planiflex moves to the Branca zone, Albergaria-a-Velha – where they have been located ever since. These new facilities are 4 times larger than the previous ones, with 1800 m2.


A third expansion: on April 25th of 2013 Planiflex begins moving the the present day facilities, also in Branca, Albergaria-a-Velha. The production area is also renovated, with the latest state-of-the-art equipment used in the business, budgeted at about one million euros, total.

On May 5th of 2013 Planiflex resumes production in the new facilities. It’s in this phase that Marrocos and the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinica, French Guiana and La Réunion are added to their international clients list, which explains, why the company presents an anual average growth of about 30%.


In 2016 the company celebrates the effective entry on the Cuban and Algerian markets and on that same year the Renacer factory is born, in Fomento, Cuba, thanks to a partnership with a local entity. This partnership quickly attracts attention for taking the internationally recognised production standards of an European Union state-member into that particular zone, as well as creating job opportunities in the region. Planiflex extends it’s operations into France, Algeria as well as into Morocco and the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinica, French Guiana and La Réunion.


Along with these changes, the expansion to the present day 6000m2, expresses the brand growth. On 2018 the company takes on the commitment of an environmental quality and sustainability integrated policy, applying for the respective certifications NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and NP EN ISO 14001:2015.


With 17 years of history and a production output of around 80.000 units per year, the company takes another bold step in 2019, entering the national market with it’s own brand by launching it’s first catalogue for end-client consumption and expanding it’s team to 30 members, including the sales department, leaving the “small company” designation behind and finally becoming a medium-sized company.





Planiflex wants to contribute to the development of the region where their facilities are installed, as well as their business activity, promoting – through the policies integrated into their production process (including environmental quality and sustainability), interaction with workers and suppliers and established relations with regulatory authorities, competition and the media – a synergic network that prioritises the health, well-being and restfulness of the community.

Our passion is the satisfaction of the clients we serve.

Tailored-made customisation:

Planiflex’s long experience in the market has prepared it to be able to answer to a wide variety of projects and ideas. With the entry in the end-client market, the company made sure they kept that feature, always trying to be ahead of it’s customers necessities, suggestions and reactions, wether it’s the end-client or the certified salesman.

Attention to detail
No company can expect greatness if it dedicates no attention to the small details. That’s where the difference resides, since it’s relatively easy to do well in abstract or broad terms. It’s when you choose to look at what others chose to ignore that you find our commitment to excellence.

Conscious search for innovation
We know who we are and where we come from and so we can look to the future confidently. We are aware of the importance of rest people’s lives and we aim to be recognized by helping taking the industry to new levels of performance and by improving the lives of our clients, through new and better solutions to your problems.

Environment and Quality Integrated Policy

Planiflex – Mattress Industry is aware that the an organisation’s success is strictly linked to it’s own capacity to relate to every party involved. In order to assure those interactions are beneficial, an Integrated Management System has been implemented in accordance with the norms: NP EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and NP EN ISO 14001:2015 (Environment).

Planiflex – Mattress Industry assumes a commitment through the policy of fulfilling the resulting requisites of the application of these norms and to continuously and effectively improve the Quality and Environment Integrated Management System. This commitment is meant to focus on the client, as well as the rest of the interested parties relevant to the Management Integrated System. This way, Planiflex – Mattress Industry adopts the following guiding principles in it’s organisational culture:

Satisfy customers with the manufactured products in order to guarantee their trust and commitment to the brand;
Keep and continuously improve the Quality and Environment Integrated Management System;
Establish and periodically review the principles, the objectives and finish lines, according to processes, impacts and significant risk to assure a sustainable development and a continuous improvement;
Guarantee the fulfilling of the conformity obligations applicable to its activity
Minimize the environmental impacts on the course of its activity, promoting smart utilisation of resources and pollution preventing;
Promote the involvement of all collaborators by providing adequate training, sensitising and supervising ir order to achieve a commitment of improving the Quality and Environment Integrated Management System at every level of the organisation;

Planiflex’s management assures therefore that it’s Quality and Environment policy is correctly implemented, maintained, communicated and understood at every level of the organisation and made available to all interested parties, promoting the commitment and participation of the entire organisation and defining compatible objectives with this policy.

100% Portuguese

Planiflex – Mattress Industry is a completely Portuguese mattress fabrication company, located in the Branca zone, Albergaria-a-Velha. We preserve proximity to the customer, excellence in customer service and long-term relationships.

We value that with is our culture, Portuguese, respecting all customs and values, however, Planiflex is proud to embrace and respect other cultures. There’s an healthy work environment, where diversity and cultural differences are embraced and valued, promoting inclusion and a comprehensive construction.




The company has been PME Líder for six consecutive years, since 2011, having been distinguished as PME Excelência in 2012, also.

Planiflex extends its operations to France, Algeria and Cuba, as well as Morocco and the Islands of Guadalupe, Martinique, French Guiana and La Réunion, serving mainly the B2B market but also some B2C market.

Planiflex – Mattress Industries assumes a commitment, formalized in the Policy, to comply with the requirements resulting from the application of these standards and to continuously and effectively improve the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System.


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