Company Guarantees

General Dispositions

This data privacy security declaration applies specifically and exclusively to the use of this website and the duties and guarantees celebrated between Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing (here known as well as 'company') and visitors of this site and users of its functionalities.


This website is provided as is without any guarantees provided by the company. Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing is not responsible for any damage to equipment arising from any due or undue visit and usage of this website.

Google Analytics and Similar Services

Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing monitors visits to the website through the collection of collective data and services such as Google Analytics, which uses the technology known as 'cookie'.
These services’ cookies are harmless files that collect user activity on the website, retransmitting this aggregate and anonymous information back to the users of the service (in this case the company). They are housed in the visitor's computer and only serve this purpose.
The collection of these data usually does not identify any individual user, nor involves sensitive data, such as name, address, phone or email. On the other hand, it allows us to improve the website user experience and even customize the interaction with our visitors - on and off the website.
On the data treatment policy followed by these providers, such as Google, we advise you to read their own privacy policy.


The collection of data mentioned in the previous section may allow Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing to target digital marketing campaigns to website visitors in other digital venues, including sites affiliated to digital advertising networks or digital social networks.
The users targeted with such campaigns are not individually identified, but collectively aggregated in anonymous groups formed by common characteristics presented by the users themselves, such as demographic and/or behavioral data.

Email and Newsletter

When we ask personal data we aim to maintain a closer relationship with our users. By submitting your data to us through the registration form, we are able to send personalized newsletters with content less generic and more targeted to each ones’ interests.
Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing gives its assurance of not providing these data to third parties except and strictly to the database management service that the company uses to contact their subscribers this way.

Updating of These Terms

If, for any reason, Planiflex - Mattresses Manufacturing feels the need to change this privacy policy, these terms will thus be updated accordingly, revoking any priorly published versions and thenceforth applying the most recent redaction.
It is the user's responsibility to periodically review the terms here present and to abide to the latest version here present. Each update is identifiable with its date of publication.
For any question you may have regarding this commitment, do not hesitate to contact us.